You have probably read the articles before. They spoke of issues surrounding problems that entrepreneurs
face on a daily basis but this much I ask, what is really holding us back from producing billionaires as the
rest of the countries that surround us? Is it fear? In a recent town hall meeting with billionaire Strive
Masiyiwa, President Eric Mokgweetsi Masisi stated that Batswana have no reason to feel intimidated, that
they have no reason to feel like they are not good enough, like they cannot cut it. He said this is because
they grow up in a country that supports them, with a government that believes in them and spends most of
its resources towards empowering them. Then the question still remains-why does Botswana not have
Billionaires? I am not talking about foreigners who have managed to come in and make money in our
backyard. I am talking about local billionaires. The answers to these questions are as follows:

Too many people spend money they earn, to buy things they don’t want to, to impress people

they don’t like. Will Rogers

Have we as a people (present company included) grasped the idea of saving for the future? When
spending the money we make do we have tomorrow in view? Research shows otherwise. While
interviewing a few business people I came across a few things in common: most of them were
were crippled by overspending, mostly on things that do not grow them or their enterprises. From
what I have picked after working hard and jumping hurdles along the way, most entrepreneurs
tend to enter a Sabbath (rest) the minute money comes in and then they go on a spending spree.
Recollecting the times when there was no food on the table, one starts eating at expensive
restaurants, one moves from using public transport to buying a GTI, from living in a 1 bedroomed
house to a 4 bedroomed house in Phakalane. Now granted, when money comes in a few things
have to change, but to what extent? Many people adopt the phrase ‘ke tshwanetse ka ba bontsha’ –
‘started from the bottom now I am here high’ and soon enough go back to the same bottom they
started from. One will buy a car just because someone they went to school with bought a car. Long
story short, there is a problem when it comes to living within your means and spending within
your capacity. Less time and money is spent on building investment portfolios, let’s sight an
example, shall we? ‘ David, had a desire to build a temple for the Lord, but the Lord told him that
he could not build it because he has blood on his hands.’ David went on to gather all the necessary
materials for his son so that when the time came he wouldn’t have to start from scratch(1
Chronicles 22:1-5, 14). Likewise, entrepreneurs in our age should learn how to collect all the
necessary materials to help the next generation build on from the foundation they have laid. There
needs to be a change of mindset, from trying to impress people to actually leaving legacies behind.
So the next time you think about booking a holiday destination to take a group of people you don’t
even like, stop by the friendly neighborhood financial advisor, or an investment banker and ask

how you can best channel your money…selfies on boats at Durban are not going to bring you
money learn to make money work for you.

……………………………………………..TO BE CONTINUED…………………………………………….

Article By: Tshenolo Shosho Beleng
Edited By: Onalenna Segaetsho- Mphela

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