YAF Programmes

Professional Development

The Youth Alive Foundation recognizes a well crafted and delivered continuing professional development (CPD) is vital because it allows for one to only be competent in their profession, but also to excel in it. In an effort to accelerate and actively pursue this process, the Foundation will host training workshops for the Youth which will ensure that their knowledge and business skills stay relevant and up to date.

Skills Exchange

As an international organization, the Youth Alive Foundation aims to give the youth an opportunity to network with other Youth from different African countries to foster effective collaboration and knowledge sharing. These sessions will allow for the African youths to share their experiences, motivate each other, network and even generate new ideas on how to make Africa great again.

Mentorship And Coaching

The Foundation works with a pool of professional coaches from different sectors, and youth will be given an opportunity to register with the Foundation and will be assigned a personal mentor/coach. This program will help professional growth and development of new skills under the direction and advice of a seasoned expert.

Information Hub

The Foundation Hub will be the access point for Youth to obtain exciting information on the wide pool of opportunities, initiatives and promotions available in and around Africa.

Computer Literacy Program

Youth Alive Foundation will provide basic computer literacy skills to Youth-owned enterprises to increase productivity. The program will, therefore, assist in giving a rounded computer literacy package, which will include record keeping using MS Excel and maintaining a database with MS Access, as well as MS Word for general correspondence and other business documentation processes.